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Monday, July 23, 2007

Master System Monday # 16:The Master System Rap

Well hello there! its been a while hasn't it? I think I've missed Master System Monday for the last three weeks, but I'm glad to say it's back! And what better way to announce it's comeback gig than with a song?

Yes those fabulous types over at UK Resistance hav unearthed a 'rap' tribute to the Sega Master System! And with rhyming lines like these, you know it's going to be a winner!

"Master System costs from eighty pounds, 128 colours, three channel sound"
"Check out your local dealer, not for drugs, but for Sega"
"Yeah, we got the Sega Master System in the house, yeah boyee"
"3D glasses will blow your mind, Better peripherals you cannot find"

I stumbled across it on the wonderful Kotaku site, but why not go straight to the horses mouth and laugh your ass off!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Master System Monday(?) # 15: Michael Jackson Moonwalker Game Mission 1-1

I've already posted a review of this Master System Masterpiece some time ago. With Michael Jackson's dominance of the pop charts and financial muscle in the early '90s and Sega's rising power at the same time, this game could only be a runaway success. Released in arcades, on the 16 BIT Megadrive and 8 BIT Master System, the game was/is a classic! It was cerainly the game that first revealed to me what a great console the Master System is and inspired this particular thread a long time ago on The Saturn Junkyard, before moving here via Gnomes Gaming On The Go... Enjoy!