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Monday, November 26, 2007

The archaic SMS vs. NES video battle

There's nothing better than a flame war, even though I wouldn't dare hope for one right now, what with the SMS Junkyard's audience being less than 5 (rather old) guys, a dog and a blind little girl. Still, the video above, created by BitterPoetMadman (!), is a brilliant way of showcasing just how powerful Sega's 8-bit console seemed when compared to the NES. Light years ahead and that's probably why it half-conquered Europe. Well, that, and Nintendo taking ages to bring their offerings to the old world. Oh, and here's one more comparison vid.

Friday, November 23, 2007

We're back and we got our 8-bit Sega thingies with us

This humble Junkyard really deserved better. It's wasted its youth with us lazy bastards and never managed to truly shine or get the attention it deserved, what with taking the back seat to everything else and sadly looking on as other blogs lustfully enjoyed post after post. Still, as long as the SEGA Master System cunningly avoids death we wont give up. In fact, we might just give the blog a push, probably by providing a rather more steady stream of content.

Please, do watch this space...