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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stoking Up On Master System Games

God, all it takes is the mere mention of a mention of the MSJY in the wonderful Retro Gamer magazine, and all of a sudden I've remembered where it is and the fact that I've neglected to post here for a while.

A while back I let you know about the Master System titles that Gamestation were knocking out, and how pricey some of them were.
Those good people over at Retro Scene are also well stocked with a good supply of 8 Bit wonders, so why not nip over and take a look?
Amongst them you'll find these two classics, Ecco and After Burner. Now I remember these two games as Megadrive/Genesis titles. The two systems lived in harmony with one another for quite some time, before the Master system was phased out, rather like the way the PS2 and PS3 co-exist today.

Because so many people owned the older hardware, were happy with it and weren't rushing out to buy the newer and more expensive hardware (rather like the PS2 and PS3!) It made sense for publishers to bring out different versions of the same game on the older and newer platforms.

Obviously the Master System versions were simpler and less elaborate, but developers were more used to the older hardware and very often the 8 Bit versions stood shoulder to shoulder with their 16 Bit brothers.

Anyway I think I'm going off on something of a tangent! the point is, click on the Retro Scene link and grab yourself some Master System goodness!