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Monday, June 25, 2007

Master System Monday # 14: Master System Mods...

Wow! Its like me and Gnome are psychic twins or something... whilst he was looking at Master System Emulation (see excellent post below...), I was looking at some Master System mods...

Including a way of modding your fabulous 3D Master System Glasses, for use on your PC...

Whilst I don't claim to understand what the Dicken's they're talking about, I do get the feeling that its all very clever, and therefore worth a look...

Who knows? If they develop some sort of intelligence enhancing drug some day soon, I might be able to tinker with my 8 Bit wonder in the future!

Oh and for a great look at Master System Peripherals look here...

Oh! And BTW, I've found a place where you can play the Secret SMS Snail Maze game, celebrated by my esteemed colleague a few posts ago... Look here...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

MEKA Sega Master System Emulation

Looking for the best in freeware SMS emulation for your PC? Hoping to also taste the pleasures offered by such obscure retro consoles as the Sega Game 1000, the Sega Super Control Station or even the Colecovision? Praying for some truly 8-bit hardcore pr0n? Well, sorry, can't help with the pr0n bit, but the excellent MEKA multi-machine emulator will more than make it up to you.

Download it here (for free) and don't forget to try some themes, have a look at the lovely Meka Configurator utility and the SMS Checker ROM organizer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

RAD Retro Reviews: Altered Beast Review

Altered Beast Review

Originally a game brought out for the MegaDrive/Genesis in 1988, Altered Beast has appeared on virtually every gaming system known to man! Currently enjoying its Billionth reincarnation on the Wii's Vitual Console, it was ported to the wonderful Master System in 1989.

Despite a restricted amount of levels (4), and besieged with in-game slowdown at times... This side scrolling beat 'em up is still a lot of fun. The whole game has a very mythological theme and you play as a dead Roman Centurion, who has to battle the undead, monsters, animals, giant wasps and whatnot, to rescue a Goddess.

As you defeat your enemies, you collect power ups in the form of pulsating orbs which allow you to transform into... you guessed it, an Altered Beast! Your greater size and power then allows you to more easily defeat your enemies! (Which is good because as you progress through the game, the bad guys come thick and fast... )
And what would a beat 'em up be without a boss fight at the end of each level? This game has everything you want from a video game... Proof of its brilliance is that it is still being downloaded by Wii owners today. A quick read of this Wikipedia Article will explain more than I ever could...

I actually own both the Master System version, and its 16 bit incarnation, which was released on The Dreamcast's wonderful US only "Sega Smash Pack".

I'll try and post a bit of video above...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The hidden SMS Snail Maze Game

Owners of the original Sega Master System Power Base (and not the SMS II) are also owners of the pretty nifty Snail Maze Game too, as the SMS was the first console ever to come with a built-in almost hidden game. Read a review of said game here.

And in case you've lost your console's manual and can't remember how to actually access Snail Maze, well, here's what to do: Turn on the console (without having a cartridge inserted), pick up the controller and press up and both fire buttons. Simple as that.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Master System Monday # 13: Art

Well I've been trawling Google Image for some eye candy, to herald the move of 'Master System Monday' from Gnomes Gaming On The Go , to it's new home over here on The Master System Junkyard.

My blogging skills are at an all time low, I just don't seem to have the energy or creativity to post anything of relevance. Still, the need to blog is undiminished, and the sterling work of the mighty Gnome, must not continue unsupported!

So, I've cobbled together a series of illustrations that have some connection to the Master System. If I was more talented, I'd have created some montage worthy of Peter Blake. But I'm not, so you'll have to just see them in their individual glory...

What is perhaps worthy of a mention however, is the source of the sulking Harrison Ford oil painting. It's from an art exhibition entitled "I Am 8 Bit". Consisting of art inspired by retro video games, this is a veritable feast for the eyes. Apart from the obvious Master System tributes, there are some lovely Nintendo and Pacman inspired pieces.

Plus there was an accompanying set from the wonderful "8BitWeapon"... Check 'em out... They rock!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A few pointers on buying a Sega Master System

Judging by the fact that I bought my (obviously used) Sega Master System II from a downtown retailer, in absolutely top condition, thoroughly checked for hardware problems and with a rather impressive 6-month warranty for a mere 25 euros (roughly 33$ or 17₤), it's pretty obvious nobody should ever have to pay more. Unless of course one is either getting a host of extra goodies such as games, peripherals and controllers, a boxed/rare/Japanese unit or an original Master System I, but we'll come to that later.

Now, as we're such the web-savvy happy bunch we are, you'd be better off knowing that the average & price for the console is 10₤, 15 euros or 19$. Again, expect slightly higher prices for boxed, 100% unused or Japanese consoles. Naturally, both this very blog and Retro Treasures will strive to alert you for any bargains, so ...uh... guess you should keep reading us. Please?

Anyway. Back to the Master System I - II subject. First of all, the original Master System is slightly rarer, especially in Europe. Then again, it's usually slightly more expensive too. Also, it features a handy reset button, a card slot (allowing the use of some pretty wacky peripherals such as the 3d glasses and a small variety of card-only games) and a very 80s, very interesting pyramid shaped design. The SMS 2, on the other hand, always comes with a built-in game (either Alex Kidd or Sonic) is slightly smaller and way more curvy.

The original Sega Master System (pic from the Armchair Empire)

Sega Master System II (pic from

The system's games -not the particularly rare ones, mind you- usually come with a price tag of 3-10$, and you can find tons of them, both at Ebay and even brand new ones at Amazon. The best titles and the ones you should first pick up include such gems as: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Sonic the Hedgehog, After Burner, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Out Run, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Space Harrier, R-Type, Golden Axe Warrior, California Games and Double Dragon. Give 'em a shot, they 'll be worth your time...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A gnome's Sega Master System

Till the day -less than a month ago- I bought meself a glorious Sega Master System II, I had never owned an 8-bit console in my life. You see, back during my days of creative adolescence when 8-bit consoles were popular (not so much in Europe, mind you) I didn't think they were that much interesting compared to home computers and PCs, and even though I did enjoy playing the odd NES or Atari 2600 game, I couldn't help but feel it was far too unsophisticated. Kiddy, even.

Then again, all those years later, it's the exact same simplistic games that make the Master System such an alluring machine. Two fire buttons (one of them doubling as a start button), a simple d-pad like thingy, no load times, no saves, no fancy manuals to read, no huge overcomplicated epics and some truly accessible pick-up-and-play games make it perfect for quick and refreshing gaming bursts. And it does feature it's own collection of retro classics too. Games like the very first Phantasy Star, Asterix, After Burner, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone and the 8-bit version of Sonic.

So, uh, as mentioned above, I bought one, and I've already enjoyed quite a bit of Alex Kidd and the Italia 90 footy. And as the whole lot only cost me 25 euros (including a lovely 6-month guarantee), it was a) very reasonably priced b) highly recommendable.

Oh, and welcome to the SEGA Master Sytem Junkyard everyone. We got tons of content coming right (well, sort of) up.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Tribute to Sega Master System

Nuff said... :)

Sega Master System ad late 1980s-early 1990s

*Note to cheesy voice-over guy...* Did you know that the company name was pronounced "Say-ga" and not "See-ga" you knob...

Well Look Who's Here...

Holy Master Systems Batman!

It gives me VERY great pleasure to register my arrival on this particular site.

At some point in this esteemed blog's lifespan, I will transfer all my Master System allegiances and wafflings, from GGOTG to this wonderful establishment. Then mine and Gnome's blogging partnership will continue to grow like a stick of celery deprived of sunlight...

For the time being, I'll throw in a piece of Master System advertising from Youtube, so you can familiarise yourself with it's fabulousness... A lazy blogger's trick I know...Expect something a little better in the future!