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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Growing Junkyard

Yes, the Sega Master System Junkyard hasn't been the liveliest of places lately. I know, Father Krishna knows, you know, we all know. Hopefully though, that will soon change, no less because Anthony, an eloquent and wise Sega connoisseur, has just joined us. Welcome Anthony!


Anthony Burns said...

Thanks for your kind welcome. :) I have made a post, but I'm afraid I am very naive about the world of blogging, and the formatting is dreadful (as you can see ...). I couldn't work out how to bring it across from Word and make it look nice. I'll try cleaning ip up (and if you have any house rules about style, now might be a good time to email them to me ...).

gnome said...

Excellent, excellent, and quite fantastic. Only suggestion is that before copying from Word you should copy/paste everything into Notepad, so that you're only copying pure text into the blog. Leave the rest of formatting to me, or use the built in blogger tools. House rules -other than these, if you call them rules- do not exist my friend. Cheers!

fatherkrishna said...

Welcome dear Anthony! Great to have a new team member to get this place kicking like it used to be!

I will also promise to chip in a little more during 2009!

Rules Anthony? There are no rules other than kick your shoes off and make yourself at home!

Please don't worry about format or presentation, Gnome still tidies my stuff up over at Gnome's Gaming On The Go! Also, please feel free to drop me a line if there's anything I can do to assist in any way, when it comes to posting.

Good to have you on board!

Anthony Burns said...

Thanks for making me feel at home. :) I've a few more ideas for games I'd like to review, so it's very encouraging to know someone is there to clean up my posts. ;) And I shall take note of what you say, and write my files in Notepad instead of Word (I tend to forget it has any use at all).

gnome said...

And thanks for urging us to actually revive this very blog! Hope you like the slight redesign and the new header. And it's lovely knowing you got more lovely reviews coming... Hopefully the Junkyard will become the leading SMS resource.

Cheers and -once again- welcome!


PS. The Notepad is your friend... Hehe.