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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Eclectic Delights bundle and its 9 Games

Long time no see Master System lovers, but... The third and richest Bundle In A Box by Kyttaro Games, the deeply indie, wildly varied and rather fabulous Eclectic Delights bundle is now live! Simply hop over to Bundle In A Box, pay what you want and grab 5 brilliant games:

  • Lovecraftian yet cute platformer Eversion (Windows/Mac/Steam) 
  • RTS/visual-novel War of the Human Tanks (Windows/Desura) 
  • gloriously pixelated adventure/strategy Delve Deeper (Windows/Steam) 
  • Russian horror offering Fibrillation (Windows /Desura) 
  • point-and-click mystery Shadows of the Vatican, Act: I (Windows/Desura) 

Pay above the average to also grab:

  • award winning platformer Adventures of Shuggy (Windows/Steam/Desura) 
  • surreal horror game The 4th Wall (Windows) 
  • FMV rhythm-action-fighter Stay Dead (Windows/Mac/Desura) 
  • retro-tastique, hilarious maze-‘em-up Flibble (Windows) 

Oh, and do keep in mind that the more bundles we sell, the more money will go to the Indie Dev Grant and a most important charity. Also, more extras will be unlocked, meaning that everyone who grabbed a bundle (in a box) will also be getting such goodies as soundtracks and digital comic-books.

PS. Did you know that bundlers will also be getting access to exclusive Droidscape: Basilica content for iOS and Android? Well, now you do.

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